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MinneSnowta Love

Being a Minnesota girl all the way I was thrilled to find out that it’s going to start snowing tonight at 9pm and not stop until a full 24 hours later. That means lots of snow. We’re expected to get 14 inches! Which means I’ll be snowed in for most if not all of the weekend. And I couldn’t be happier! I’m going to load up on reading material, hot cocoa and Christmas movies and stay bundled up in my jammies, fuzzy socks and blanket next to the fireplace all weekend. Love it. Here’s to the Christmas season!!


Still hanging on!

Back on November 15th I started on my lifestyle change and took a little quiz to determine my level of health. I had scored between a 4 and 5, which is not so healthy since the ideal number was 10. Now that I have been on this crusade for almost a full month I decided to retest myself. By drinking more water, making a conscious effort to eat more fruits and veggies, and by eliminating alcohol I am now at a score of 7.

Although that is not perfect, I do feel better knowing that I have moved up on the health scale. My goals had been simply to consume more “good things” (fruits, veggies, water) and less “bad things” (salt, alcohol, white carbs). How did I go from not having any fruit and very little veggies to getting the day’s needed amount? Well I sprinkled berries on my cereal in the morning, had bananas, oranges, apples and grapes as snacks instead of my usual chips, candy, etc., added additional veggies on top of my salad at lunch, had 100% vegetable soaps in veggie broth, and added steamed veggies into my daily diet. I also started drinking 100% (anything less doesn’t qualify as a veggie serving) vegetable juice. That is really gross, but it works if I know I’m not going to be eating a veggie anytime soon.

My biggest accomplishment was eliminating alcohol from my diet. As an alcoholic I was drinking almost daily, with a couple days of complete binge drinking. Although I’ve only been completely sober for 13 consecutive days, it as made a difference. My husband thinks my skin looks better and I am really enjoying the non-hangover lifestyle.

So what’s next? My goals now will to be to try to control my sweet tooth. I say try to control instead of eliminate because there is no way for me to eliminate sweets. I won’t lie to myself or to you…I cannot give up treats. I love, love, LOVE desserts. But my problem is that I emotionally consume treats. If I’m bored I find myself wanting to bake (doesn’t help that it’s the holiday season!), if I am sad I want chocolate, If I am stressed I want candy…It is terrible. So my goal is to consume these devilish goodies in moderation as well as finding other ways to relieve my emotions. So much easier said than done, so I need to get even more specific: I will only consume one treat a day and never go back for seconds. (I have a big problem with going back for more.) I know from a nutritional stand point, a treat a day is still pretty bad but I need to be realistic. Right now I am consuming probably 5 treats a day, easily. Sneak a piece of chocolate here, another one there, try a cookie here, have a hot cocoa there, a piece of pie after dinner…see there’s 5 servings of delicious badness. I’m also going to try to have “good treats.” Meaning maybe instead of a Oreo McFlurry I’ll have a yogurt parfait, or instead of a piece of chocolate cake I’ll have a banana split. Seriously anyway I can be healthier without giving up my desserts I will try.

As for another way to handle my emotions? I know what’s next. EXERCISE. Shudder. I know this because time and time again I hear from numerous sources that working out is the best way to cure boredom, create endorphins, decrease stress, etc. I know, I know. But really, giving up sweets and working out? One thing at a time please! After I can control my sweet tooth I’ll tackle exercise. If reading my blog hasn’t yet told you, I am a seriously, professional lazy person. The best lazy person you will ever meet. I can sleep for hours if you let me. I can wear the same sweatpants for days. I have no idea how to even begin to incorporate exercise. So that will definitely be a task to conquer…later.

Have a great weekend!


Hmm, the Holidays Taste Good

Looking for a fun thing to do with your kids, your spouse or with alcohol? My fave, Trader Joe’s is selling giant gingerbread men for $3.99 a piece. The “kit” comes with your giant gingerbread man with a tube of frosting, candy and sprinkles. I highly recommend breaking out your leftover Halloween candy though…the more candy the better. My nephews Woody and Buzz, and I had a little bit of fun last night decorating our giants, then performing surgery, then cannibalism. It would have been even more fun if I was drinking spiked egg nog but I’m still off alcohol. (7 days and counting! Woo hoo! Go sobriety!) Hope you all are having a very merry holiday season!

Christmas Crazy

It’s been a full week since I have last posted. Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are over their turkey day hangovers. As it is now officially December, which means officially Christmas time, I can break out my Christmas Crazy. What is Christmas Crazy? It’s when I decorate every single open space in my home with something relating to Christmas, wear lotion that smells like “Vanilla Cookies” or “Christmas Cranberry,” listen to Christmas music all day and night, drink cider, hot cocoa, bake cookies and make Gingerbread houses. I also participate in watching Christmas classics like Rudolph, Frosty, Elf, Grinch every night. I also light (okay, turn on) the fireplace and wear fuzzy knee high socks. I absolutely love this time of year. I love everything everyone else hates. I love waking up to snow. I love winter boots. I love helping little kids zip their winter coats. I love the Christmas music at the malls. I love freaking everything Christmas. I am Christmas Crazy.

With being Christmas Crazy, I need to control other types of crazy. One, spending money crazy. Two, drinking crazy. Three, eating crazy. I’m fairly confident this can be done. I do admit I wasn’t alcohol free on Thanksgiving. Or Thanksgiving weekend. But each new week is a new chance to redeem myself! I am very resilient.

Have a great day and get your Christmas Crazy on!