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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Be thankful for all you have and the people in your lives! 🙂


Sh*t My Nephews Say

I am off my happy streak and in a miserable mood today. I need a good laugh. And maybe you do too. Here’s a collection of quotes from my nephews, whom we shall call Woody and Buzz. Bound to break a smile out of any block of ice. Make sure you read all of them-they are just too great.

Buzz: “I want a job so I can make 100 moneys. Then I can buy treats at the party store and treats at not the party store.”

Buzz: “Remember when we saw the bass on TV sing, “Give me back my filet o fish, give me my fish”? That’s what bass say when they get old.”

Buzz (with hands thrown up in the air): “Because I need the truth about everything!” -When asked why he had so many questions one day.

Woody’s latest songs: “Vivi is a stool” and “You’re a booger. You’re a face.”

Buzz: “Never never never!!!!!” -Screaming at the doctor’s office when informed that he would be getting a flu shot.

Buzz, Age 5

Woody, Age 3

Buzz: “But she’s not the only girl in the world. You’re a girl, Vivi’s a girl, grandma’s a girl…” -When Rihanna’s “Only girl in the world” song comes on in the car.

Buzz: “Why can’t we just visit God at his house? Not church, his house! And then come back?”

His mom: “You’re going to grandma’s tomorrow so I can clean up the house.”
Buzz: “But mom, you’re not a maid remember!?”

Buzz:  “Well, I think the plate bent down and the table cloth moved up and the bananas just slid right down. And that is the truth!” -When it was discovered that his “cleaned plate” was sitting on the table. (After he got his treat too.)

Buzz to his cousin: “My dad has grandpa’s station wagon!”
Cousin: “What’s a station wagon?”
Buzz (very excitedly): “It’s a car that when you start it, it’s really loud!”

Buzz: “When will I have two moms?”

Buzz: “I can give you peace. Just like John Lennon.” -When told there would be no TV for some peace and quiet.

Woody: “Miss Hannigan is mean. She needs soap in her mouth.” -When asked to watch Annie.

Buzz: “If the speed limit signs are white with numbers, what color are the slow limit signs?”

Buzz at bedtime: “Mom, if I be nice to Woody tomorrow, and I don’t hit him or kick him or push him, can I have treats?”

Buzz: “Thank goodness you don’t have whiskers mom, or you would scare the baby.”

Buzz: “I loooove you Miss Hannnigaaan.” -When being scolded by his mother.

Woody: “Nope. I just want to pee in my diaper.” -Deciding he was done with the toilet.

Buzz: “Grandpa B acts kind of mad when he’s here. And, he has a scrappy face right, like polka dots all over it.”

Woody: “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride, and Bingo was his name-o!”

Mom: “We’ll find out in a few weeks if it’s a boy or a girl.”
Buzz: “Or a husband.”

Buzz: ” I wish you were a boy so you could wear pirate underwear too…(pause)…when do you think you WILL be a boy?”

Buzz: “We need a baby girl named Anna. We should buy one mom. And if you wait until I’m five, maybe I will be able to reach the cupboards.”

Buzz: “Mom, when is grandpa getting back from his trip? Wednesday or Friday?”
Mom: “Sunday.”
Buzz: “That wasn’t a choice mom!”

Buzz: “Can I get that meal with the toy?”
Mom: “Yes you can get a Happy Meal.”
Buzz: “What id they only have sad meals left?” -At McDonalds

Buzz to Woody: “You have to be good because Santa, and the Easter Bunny and God is always watching.”
Mom: “Yes God wants us all to be good people.”
Woody: “And to take naps.”

Haha, I feel better already. Gotta love kids.



The Substitute Teacher Returns

A few months back some of you may remember I blogged a recipe I tried out for vegan cupcakes. They were affordable, super easy and healthy to boot. Well I did it again, only this time with chocolate chip cookie brownies! I did the same thing I did last time, just buying a premixed box but substituting the “bad” stuff for the “good” stuff. I used Betty Crocker’s Supreme Bar, Cookie Brownie mix which isn’t the healthiest, but with the substitutions a lot of fat, cholesterol and what not is eliminated, and some
good nutrients are added. When we substituted the egg we saved ourselves 80 calories of fat, and 340 mg of cholesterol! (The flax seed mixture has no cholesterol in it at all.) Plus like I have mentioned before in previous postings, flaxseed is really good for you. It contains a lot of fiber, lignans (which are natural antioxidants) and omega 3 fats. Not only did the flaxseed have no cholesterol but it also has been proven that flaxseed lowers harmful cholesterol already in your body. And obviously substituting anything for butter is going to be healthier.

For anyone who is worried about the brownies tasting different, have no fear because they taste exactly the same. The vegetable spread tastes just like butter, and the flaxseed egg substitute tastes like nothing. You aren’t missing anything by not having the egg because the egg is actually used
for taste, it’s just used as a binder. My husband ate the brownies and he definitely could not taste a difference.

You need:
Betty Crocker’s Supreme Bar, Cookie Brownie mix
For brownie batter: 2 tbsp water, 1/2 stick or 1/4 cup of Vegetarian Spread melted (I use Earth Balance), 2 tbsp ground flax seed + 3 tbsp water to make one egg substitute
For cookie dough: 1 tbsp water, 1/2 stick or 1/4 cup of Vegetarian Spread softened

1. Heat over to 325 degrees. Grease your pan.
2. Stir the brownie mix with 2 tbsp water, melted spread and flax seed egg substitute in a bowl until well blended. Spread in pan.
3. Stir the cookie dough batter with the tbsp water and softened spread. Once a dough forms, drop teaspoons (or chunks like I did) onto the brownie batter.
4. Bake. Here is what it comes out to:
8″ x 8″ (shiny metal or glass): 50 mins
8″ x 8″ (dark or nonstick): 43 mins
9″ x 9″ (all pans): 42 mins
11″ x 7″ (all pans): 40 mins
13″ x 9″ (shiny metal or glass): 35 mins
13″ x 9″ (dark or nonstick): 27 mins

I would even check it before the suggested time, just to be sure. Also follow directions. The first time I made this I used a 13″ x 9″ for 35 mins because thats what it said on the box – however I used a dark pan – and ended up making a nice brick. Sigh. It was pretty devastating. My whole house smelled like fresh treats, but there were none to enjoy since biting into the brownie may have cracked my teeth.

Enjoy and have yourself a pleasant Tuesday! 🙂

Here’s to a new week!

I don’t know what’s been going on with me lately. I don’t know if my “healthy” choices are paying off or if someone is lacing my food with meth but I’ve been a happy, chipper lady lately! I mean, minus this disgusting morning (I do not do mornings-ever), I’ve been really happy! Even while driving in wet snow with dumb ass drivers going 20 mph on the freeway all morning I was really positive that this week is going to rock my socks off. Last week was pretty pleasant, when I reflect on it. I give myself a B+ for last week. We can’t say I ate really healthy but we can say I didn’t drink alcohol 5/7 days (miraculous improvement!) and I consumed fruit! Big steps for me yo. This weekend though I did falter, not going to lie. I happily consumed massive amounts of desserts but come on now, I attended a birthday party and a Baby Gender revealing party. Cake was essential. Yes. Absolutely necessary.

Anyways, whatever it is…I don’t know if it’s all the nasty lemon water I’ve been downing like a fish, or if it’s the extra nutrients that my body was deprived of, but I’m way less tired (only taking 2 naps a day now-haha-perks of being a nanny), and I fit into clothes without looking like sausage. It’s an excellent feeling knowing that I’m going in the right direction. I’ve even lost 2 lbs. although weight loss wasn’t really my goal. I have all this freaky energy too. You should have seen me last week-cleaning my house, baking vegan cookies (recipe tomorrow!), scrapbooking and doing laundry. I was a maniac. A really happy productive maniac.

This week will be fun, testing myself on Thanksgiving- (Why so many pies? Really? Banana cream , apple, pumpkin, french silk…what the hell. Are you trying to kill me?) But I really am excited. It’s snowing, it’s gorgeous, I have a great family and great friends. I stayed sober for 5 days in a row. So much to be thankful about. 🙂 Hope everyone has an awesome Monday! I’m going to go take my second paid nap now.

“Being in a good frame of mind helps keep one in the picture of health.”

Good Friday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Friday today, because I did. Today was full of awesome.

First things first. My “lifestyle change” goals are still on track! I’ve been swapping alcohol for water and eating healthier this week and it’s already made a tiny difference. I got into my skinniest skinny jeans today which of course made the rest of the day really that much better.

I also was at an elementary school today assisting teachers in 5th grade, 2nd grade and my absolute favorite…kindergarten. The kids have next week off so today they celebrated Thanksgiving. The little kids are sweet enough on any given day, but today was even more unbearably cute because they had a little Thanksgiving Feast, complete with paper construction bonnets and pilgrim hats. I had a permanent smile on my face all day. Then as I walked down the hallways and looked at the artwork on the walls, I laughed as I found “Don’t eat me” turkey’s some kids made.

I got out of the school early and went to eat a early dinner at Big Bowl and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they have a new vegetarian and gluten free menu! This totally rocked my world! I already love Big Bowl, and had a few signature vegetarian meals that I always ordered but now there’s a whole menu! There’s new appetizers and entrees. Here are some of the new entrees:
Cilantro Salad – cilanto, pressed tofu, roasted peanuts and sesame dressing

Crispy Tofu – chiles, fresh ginger, soy-sesame dressing

Unfried Rice – jasmine rice, wok tossed with fresh ginger, spicy Fresno chilies, shiitake, bamboo, Sichuan vegetable, pressed tofu with sunny-side up egg.

Lucky 8 – eight types of vegetables such as green beans, spinach, napa cabbage and tofu with sesame soy sauce. The complete eight will depend on what’s local and seasonal at the time.

I tried the Unfried Fried Rice. Two thumbs up! And because I’m trying to cut my extra calories, I boxed half of the meal. I actually pushed half of it on one side of my plate and didn’t touch it. This is like a first. Second accomplishment? Passed on the alcohol again! Oh so good. Third accomplishment? Passed on dessert!

My aura is so positive right now, I just had to share because maybe I can pass it on to you! Here’s to accomplishing goals and little kids! Love!

Have an amazing weekend!
“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”  -Winston Churchill

Gobble Gobble!

Thanksgiving is in exactly one week from today. I love Thanksgiving, even if the message is hugely skewed and a little
fabricated. The intent is good and it comes down to the start of the Winter Holiday Festivities and family time. The one time of year that I actually do genuinely feel some type of love and warmth towards everyone. I love the holidays! This will be my first holiday season without meat, and I’m prepared to be ridiculed. Bring it on, I don’t really care.

What I do care about are the poor turkeys that are being fattened up right now as I type this. Fattened up on shit they normally wouldn’t even consume to become big, plump feasts that Americans who already are fat don’t need to eat. Why do we use a holiday like Thanksgiving, where we are suppose to give thanks for our bountifulness, to consume even more food than normal while there are countries in poverty? Makes sense back in the hay day when food was scarce and one had to hunt for their family’s turkey feast, but nowadays it’s just a tradition for families to pig out together then all crash from their tryptophan (the reason why you get so sleepy after eating turkey) overdose then have a Thanksgiving hangover the next day.

Look at those poor baby turkey’s. 😦

Pretty much every family out there is going to be purchasing a turkey in the next week, so where do you think all these turkey’s come from? First off they are so obese from what factories feed them that they can’t naturally reproduce. They are almost all conceived through artificial insemination. Then they are raised on factory farms in large incubators and separated from their mamas. Then when they are a couple weeks old they get moved into windowless sheds with thousands of other turkeys and this is where they spend the rest of their lives. They get pretty stressed out, so in order for us to keep them from killing each other in these crowded sheds we cut off their toes and beaks without pain relievers.

How do we get them nice and plump for Thanksgiving? They are drugged and genetically manipulated to grow as large as they possibly can as quickly as they can. In the 1970s the average turkey weighed 17 lbs. Today they weigh 28 lbs! For anyone who thinks this is normal (to fatten and kill turkeys) take into consideration that they are so unnaturally large that they often die from organ failure or heart attacks before they are even 6 months old. They are suppose to live for 12 years.

Please eat organic turkey this Thanksgiving, or better yet don’t eat any. I may not be a perfect eater, but I’m really not going to be a vessel of dead turkey this Thanksgiving.



I went to the Wild game. I had no beer. I had no pretzel with fake cheese. I settled for water and popcorn! I did good. 😉
On another interesting note: They sell veggie burgers and veggie kabobs at the Xcel Center! Totally awesome.