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Nicole Kidman’s Secret Baby!

Wow talk about keeping a secret! Turns out in news today that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a new family member! A little girl named Faith Margaret was born on December 28th! Top reason why no one knew about her? Because she was born via surrogate. (She is however 100% the couple’s biological daughter.)

“Our family is truly blessed, and just so thankful, to have been given the gift of baby Faith Margaret,” Kidman, 43, and Urban, also 43, said in a statement. “No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we feel for everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, in particular our gestational carrier.”

Congrats to the family and to another baby boomer!

Kidman with the couple’s first biological daughter, Sunday Rose.


They just keep coming!

Yesterday I posted the long and pending list of celebrities expecting in 2011 and as if she didn’t want to be left out, my lovely vegetarian favorite Alicia Silverstone came out today with news that she too, is also expecting her first child in the upcoming year. Holy guacamole! I feel as if every week (almost every day it feels like!) another celebrity (or person we know) is confessing to doing the baby dance. I wasn’t kidding about that baby boom! Here’s to Alicia and her future vegan baby!

Baby Boom 2011!

It is the 1960s all over again people. Every turn I take it seems as if someone else is announcing their pregnancy. In my own world it seems as if a gazillion of people just made known their pregnancy. Facebook, classmates, coworkers, etc. Everyone is expecting. And Hollywood is no exception. Look at the crazy list of (just some of the) celebrities who have just publicized or recently declared they were expecting a baby in 2011.

Devon Aoki, #1
Selma Blair, #1
Victoria Beckham, #4 — Hope this mama get’s her princess!

Emma Bunton, #2
Rachel Zoe, #1 — I didn’t know you could get pregnant when you are that skinny.
Tia Mowry, #1
Jane Krakowski, #1 — Looking fab!

Mariah Carey, #1 and 2
Christina Applegate, #1
Samantha Harris, #2
Penelope Cruz, #1 — This baby is going to be GORGEOUS.

Pink, #1 — Rocker baby here we come!

Rod Stewart, #8
Owen Wilson, #1
Kevin James, #3
Kate Hudson, #2 — So excited for this mama to get her preggo eggo on again! She’s adorable.

Marion Cotillard, #1
Joey McIntyre, #3
Laila Ali, #2
Jennifer Connelly, #3 — Pretty mama.

Drea de Matteo, #2
Autumn Reeser, #1
David Schwimmer, #1
Jennie Finch, #2
Natalie Portman, #1 — Remember her in Where the Heart Is? She played a darling pregnant girl. Excited to see a real bump!

Toni Collette, #2
Tony Kanal, #1
Doutzen Kroes, #1 — What’s with all the Victoria’s Secret Angels having babies?!

Craig Ferguson, #2
Mike Tyson, #6
Brandon Flowers, #3
Ian Ziering, #1
Melissa Rycroft, #1 — Girl is hawt pregnant!

Eli Manning, #1
Eva Herzigova, #2

Here’s to the second wave of baby boomers!



Scrapbook on the Cheap!

I am one of those people. You know, the weird “grandma stuck in young body” women who like to clip coupons. One of my absolute favorite pastimes is to scrapbook. I have been scrapbooking for years and have mastered the skill of scrapbooking on the cheap pretty successfully.

The first scrapbook I made was in high school and not only did I spend too much money on it (over $100 I’m sure), I also didn’t really know what I was doing. I spent lots of money on individually themed papers, stickers, embellishments, tools and so forth. I had never scrapbooked before and really it was just a clusterfu-k. I learned a lot after doing it though…like you need a plan, ideas, materials…and you need to do as much of it as possible without breaking the bank! Here are my tips:

1. Start stocking up on materials.
I always have an eye out for materials long before I need them. If a pair of craft scissors are on sale, I buy them. If paper packs are on clearance because they are out of season (Christmas paper, Valentine’s Day, etc.) I snatch them up. If I see Glitter pens at the dollar store, I grab them. It may seem annoying to keep this stuff around, but trust me it’s really nice to have them on hand when you need them. Just store it away in a shoe box in the closet like I do until you need it.

I got these packs of papers for a dollar each in the dollar section at Target along with the stickers. Total cost for 52 papers and stickers: $8. Normal cost of a pack of 36 papers alone: $7.99 in the scrapbooking aisle.

2. Use nonconventional materials and ideas.
I did a wedding scrapbook two years ago and a cheap and awesome idea I had was to use the cards from the guests. It was an awesome way to keep all the cards and well wishes from the guests and it also was an interesting twist to the scrapbook. It made it more personal and fun to look at later on. It was also cheap, since it was free. I used some of the fronts of the cards for wedding quotes and love quotes instead of spending money on the quote stickers at the craft store. It also was an easy way to theme my layout because I would use the colors on the card/font as my color scheme. More unconventional materials may be gift bags (baby shower bags are great for baby scrapbooks), wrapping paper (hella cheaper than scrapbook paper), buttons, etc.

This is actually my wedding scrapbook and here I used actual cards from guests.

3. Use craft scissors.
These are amazing. They seriously make any page look better. They are also expensive so buy them when they are on sale, when you have those beautiful 40% off coupons from Michaels and/or JoAnn Fabrics and at garage sales. And never let them go because you can use them for making cards too.

This is a page from my latest scrapbook for the baby I nanny (more pictures below) and you can see how I used craft scissors to make the pictures look more interesting. I love craft scissors!

4. Get ideas for layouts from the library or online-like here.
I go to the library almost weekly because I love all things free and I like to research. I absolutely love looking at scrapbooking magazines and books, which are plentiful. In these you get so many layout ideas that it really eases the brain fart you get when you sit down at your desk with a 12 x 12″ page and a million stickers and pictures to choose from.

5. Get prints on the cheap.
Get your pictures printed out when you have coupons, when stores have photo deals or print them out yourself from home (although, surprisingly I think this sometimes turns out to be more expensive).

6. Rough draft layouts.
It is really important for me to layout all my ideas first before I even purchase my glue stick. Once you start gluing and realize you f-ed up it’s going to be a pain the ass. I always lay out all my pages that I want to use, then place the pictures I want to use along with the embellishments for that page first. Then I usually go to bed because if I go any further something is going to end up messed up.

7. Editing the rough drafts.
Editing, editing, editing. Everything is edited. How many pictures can you fit on a page? (Sure you have 20 great pictures you can use for this page but how many are actually going to make the cut?) What is the color scheme? Which quotes fit the theme? Editing is so important when scrapbooking because once you glue something you can’t go back without having to get a new piece of paper, new embellishments, new pictures, etc. Very annoying. Ask my husband how many curse words I can rattle off when I f up a page.

8. Get the actual book (album) on the cheap.
Same as the papers and other materials, you can also find scrapbook albums cheap. They are usually quite spendy but if you are like me, you will use coupons, buy clearance albums or go to surprising places like Marshalls, Home Goods, and/or TJ Maxx and find them in the home decoration aisle on the severe cheap. I have been known quite often to find albums that are normally $30 for as cheap as $7. Holla! I just keep these like all other materials around until I need them.

It’s not a pretty process!

Scrapbooks are hard work man and usually take weeks to complete. In the end it’s usually always worth it. There’s nothing more thoughtful than something you made yourself to give to someone. I’ve made scrapbooks for boyfriends, girlfriends, babies, weddings, etc. and it’s always a winner. My latest project was a scrapbook I made for the parents that I nanny. I nanny their little baby girl and throughout the last 7 months I took pictures in secret and made them this scrapbook for Christmas. Get inspired and steal some of my layout ideas! Happy crafting!

Last name blurred out for privacy reasons 🙂

More pictures and CLOSE UPS! Click to enlarge pictures:

Nicole Richie; Organic Mama

I absolutely adore Nicole Richie. I full fledge have a girl crush on her. Massively. I love her boho style, her relaxed demeanor, her lifestyle, her wit, her family and her kids. She is my celebrity soul sister. So of course I only love her more now since discovering that she had an elephant at her winter themed wedding. (Elephant = my favorite animal. Winter wedding theme = what I was planning before we ended up doing a destination wedding.) This girl! I need to meet her. I want to personally tell Nicole Richie she is the beez neez.

As many of you know I am a vegetarian and I love kids. Naturally I plan on having vegetarian kids (at least until they can decide if they want to eat dead animals or not with their own free will). So I thought it was pretty cool that Nicole Richie is doing the same in her household. (It helps that her husband Joel Madden is a vegetarian.) As if I didn’t already love this girl, I love how she is raising her kids. Nicole has revealed she uses chlorine-free, non-toxic and hypoallergenic diapers for her children, and refuses to use baby wipes and instead uses cloth and water. She grows her own vegetables in her garden and purees her own baby food. Everything in her household is organic, down to the clothes, food and diapers. She also doesn’t feed her kids dairy. On The Talk, she also shared, “We don’t use battery-operated toys, we don’t use plastic… Sugar is obviously a big no-no.” She went on to share, “I was at a birthday party and there was a cupcake with all this pink icing and there was a blueberry on top of the cupcake. Harlow looked at it and her eyes got so wide and she was like ‘Ohh,’ and I was like, ‘Oh boy, here we go,’ and she was like ‘Blueberries!’ So I went to the kitchen and got her a whole thing of blueberries. And she was happy.”

I give it to her. It’s hard today to be able to live this kind of lifestyle but she’s doing it. It also helps that she has oodles of money, more than I’ll ever have but hey, still I give her props and can only hope I’ll be a kick ass mom like her one day.

Look at these guys-the cutest family ever. For more pics go to Nicole’s blog.

MinneSnowta Love

Being a Minnesota girl all the way I was thrilled to find out that it’s going to start snowing tonight at 9pm and not stop until a full 24 hours later. That means lots of snow. We’re expected to get 14 inches! Which means I’ll be snowed in for most if not all of the weekend. And I couldn’t be happier! I’m going to load up on reading material, hot cocoa and Christmas movies and stay bundled up in my jammies, fuzzy socks and blanket next to the fireplace all weekend. Love it. Here’s to the Christmas season!!

Sh*t My Nephews Say

I am off my happy streak and in a miserable mood today. I need a good laugh. And maybe you do too. Here’s a collection of quotes from my nephews, whom we shall call Woody and Buzz. Bound to break a smile out of any block of ice. Make sure you read all of them-they are just too great.

Buzz: “I want a job so I can make 100 moneys. Then I can buy treats at the party store and treats at not the party store.”

Buzz: “Remember when we saw the bass on TV sing, “Give me back my filet o fish, give me my fish”? That’s what bass say when they get old.”

Buzz (with hands thrown up in the air): “Because I need the truth about everything!” -When asked why he had so many questions one day.

Woody’s latest songs: “Vivi is a stool” and “You’re a booger. You’re a face.”

Buzz: “Never never never!!!!!” -Screaming at the doctor’s office when informed that he would be getting a flu shot.

Buzz, Age 5

Woody, Age 3

Buzz: “But she’s not the only girl in the world. You’re a girl, Vivi’s a girl, grandma’s a girl…” -When Rihanna’s “Only girl in the world” song comes on in the car.

Buzz: “Why can’t we just visit God at his house? Not church, his house! And then come back?”

His mom: “You’re going to grandma’s tomorrow so I can clean up the house.”
Buzz: “But mom, you’re not a maid remember!?”

Buzz:  “Well, I think the plate bent down and the table cloth moved up and the bananas just slid right down. And that is the truth!” -When it was discovered that his “cleaned plate” was sitting on the table. (After he got his treat too.)

Buzz to his cousin: “My dad has grandpa’s station wagon!”
Cousin: “What’s a station wagon?”
Buzz (very excitedly): “It’s a car that when you start it, it’s really loud!”

Buzz: “When will I have two moms?”

Buzz: “I can give you peace. Just like John Lennon.” -When told there would be no TV for some peace and quiet.

Woody: “Miss Hannigan is mean. She needs soap in her mouth.” -When asked to watch Annie.

Buzz: “If the speed limit signs are white with numbers, what color are the slow limit signs?”

Buzz at bedtime: “Mom, if I be nice to Woody tomorrow, and I don’t hit him or kick him or push him, can I have treats?”

Buzz: “Thank goodness you don’t have whiskers mom, or you would scare the baby.”

Buzz: “I loooove you Miss Hannnigaaan.” -When being scolded by his mother.

Woody: “Nope. I just want to pee in my diaper.” -Deciding he was done with the toilet.

Buzz: “Grandpa B acts kind of mad when he’s here. And, he has a scrappy face right, like polka dots all over it.”

Woody: “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride, and Bingo was his name-o!”

Mom: “We’ll find out in a few weeks if it’s a boy or a girl.”
Buzz: “Or a husband.”

Buzz: ” I wish you were a boy so you could wear pirate underwear too…(pause)…when do you think you WILL be a boy?”

Buzz: “We need a baby girl named Anna. We should buy one mom. And if you wait until I’m five, maybe I will be able to reach the cupboards.”

Buzz: “Mom, when is grandpa getting back from his trip? Wednesday or Friday?”
Mom: “Sunday.”
Buzz: “That wasn’t a choice mom!”

Buzz: “Can I get that meal with the toy?”
Mom: “Yes you can get a Happy Meal.”
Buzz: “What id they only have sad meals left?” -At McDonalds

Buzz to Woody: “You have to be good because Santa, and the Easter Bunny and God is always watching.”
Mom: “Yes God wants us all to be good people.”
Woody: “And to take naps.”

Haha, I feel better already. Gotta love kids.