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Fashion for the Wee Ones

Cute baby clothes will be the death of me. As many of my friends have babies or become pregnant I have developed a habit for checking out the baby section at all stores I enter. (Something that I have always liked to do but thought was weird when I was a single gal with single gal friends with no kiddies. Now I have an excuse!) As I graze the clothes racks I fall deeper and deeper into a strange new love with children and baby attire. Is it possible that baby clothes are more engaging than adult clothes? Yes. Everything is more darling pint sized. It’s also fun because they can get away with wearing things that us adults can no longer wear, like polka dotted leggings or tutus and other non necessary delightful things. While I am very addicted to little girls clothes, the boys have lovable duds too-little rocker tees and hats with mohawks. So f-ing adorable. I think I may need one of my own real soon so I can indulge in this shopping madness! Here are some charming things I have found lately that are too good to keep to myself. *If wondering where an item is from, scroll over the picture and it will inform you!*

Holy cuteness Batman!  Some of the things that I have found lately are on familiar store sites, like TargetOld Navy (which really gives you bang for your buck), Gymboree (which surprisingly I am really loving) and of course, the infamous The Baby Gap (you can’t go wrong, especially if you have money). A new one that I had never known about is American Eagle’s baby line which is also really “ohh” and “aww” worthy.

However there are some kick butt sites out there too that have large and in charge sites fully devoted to making your kid the cutest baby on the freaking playground. Urban Baby carries this too cute onesie for little Donnie Darkos and other goodies like numerous plaid shirts (your baby will too look as good as Robert Pattinson) and other sweet graphic tees.

OMG. For cute a$$ Beatle shirts, super hero onesies, Dr. Seuss themed outfits and retro style baby clothes,  you can go to The Retro Baby which is full of the most cheek pinching worthy outfits a kiddie can have. Oy. I love it. Love love love.

For political babies who would like to speak their minds or have no choice in the matter of displaying what is on their parent’s mind, go to Baby Wit which showcases many baby clothes embroidered with political messages (among other things).

Lastly one has to go to Punk Baby Clothes which is a misleading name since they have way more than “punk” baby clothes. They carry the most extensive collection of baby rock band, hip hop group, pop artists, hippie, etc. clothes I’ve ever seen. You can search in their “reggae baby” section or even the “gothic baby” section. Too funny…and adorable.

Here’s to babies…making this world cuter each and every day!


PSMF; Day 1

I enjoyed a stroll through Target’s beauty section today, looking for the topical and face wash of my dreams. I’m starting to think I should have gone to Ulta. Anyways, I settled on Clearasil’s new Overnight Face Wash. I have no idea why it’s different than any other face wash since it’s active ingredient (like everything else) is salicylic acid-10%. But after looking over the label it does look like it carries other ingredients, and it also promises to reduce redness and size overnight. Hmm. Sounds good, if it works that is. So I put it in my basket. Next on the list, a daytime face wash. Well since I’m not really into mix and matching products I stuck with Clearasil’s acne face wash. Nothing exciting for this boring lassie. Alright, so far so good. I’ll give these things a try and if it doesn’t do anything, or worse, makes things more unbearable I will stop being so cheap and go to the freaking makeup counter at Macy’s.

Next, a topical. I didn’t like Target’s selection, since nothing really seemed natural enough to put on my face so I headed over to my fave place, Trader Joe’s. Here I found all natural tea tree oil. I had read online that this essential oil can kill propionibacterium acnes (big words for skin dwelling bacteria that causes zits). Compared to benzoyl peroxide (which is in dermatologist’s fave-Differin), tea tree oil has fewer side effects since it’s all natural. I shouldn’t experience itching, burning, stinging or dryness. Nice. I was even more sure of my decision when my teenage cashier said “Oh! This stuff is sweeeeeeeet!” Score! A puberty stricken teenager applauding tea tree oil!? This stuff has to work.

So tonight after washing my face I opened up the bottle of (expensive) tea tree oil. Holy crap. It smells. And not like flowers. It’s like opening up a cheap bottle of vodka  and inhaling it deep into your nostrils. Gagging will ensure. I dabbed the stuff on my face while complaining to my husband that I was going to vomit, and exited the bathroom, which now reeked of the stuff, as fast as possible. I didn’t know how I was going to go to bed tonight folks. No joke. My face smells. WIth every turn, every whiff, I smell a strange, strong, potent, mixture of cheap vodka and strong tequila. This stinks. Literally. But now that I have sat here and blogged for a while, the smell is (A) either gone or (B) I can no longer smell it.

So sweet dreams ladies and gents, lets see if there’s improvement in the morning! This smell better be worth it! Good night!

Day 1 of PSMF